What You Need To Consider Before Building A Koi Pond


Organising The Area

Before you get too immersed in to the project, you need to pick the space where your pond will go. Questions you will want to ask yourself include:

  • How large do you want the pond to be?
  • What shape are you looking for? There are dozens of styles you can use.
  • How deep do you want the pond to be? Four feet is the perfect depth. You will also need a minimum of 1,000 gallons for the pond size.

Your garden pond can be placed in a number of places within your garden.

  • In a corner surrounded by rocks.
  • In the center of your garden surrounded by plant life.

You may also want to have a seating area next to the pond and even some garden statues, creating an air of romance in your garden. Before you make a decision have a look around at other garden ponds and determine what it is you like about them and then incorporate that in your design.

Get The Money Right

Creating a pond is not cheap, you will need:

  • A pre-made pond or tarp to make your own pond installation.
  • Proper pond heaters and filters.
  • Water butt containers are also useful for storing water.

These 3 items are the bulk of your costs, however you will also need to buy the fish. Koi fish will vary in price based on their size. All koi fish do have the potential to grow very large, so it is wise to not buy too many when you are just starting out.

Putting In The Time

It will take approximately 1 day of hard work to create a beautiful and well equipped pond. If you have friends or neighbours giving you a hand then it could take less time. Creating a garden pond is not the most time intensive garden project, but it will need all of your attention for several hours. Once installed the pond will need cleaning periodically. If you install a quality filter this can reduce that for you, but you will still need to do some maintenance on your garden pond throughout the year.

Designing and creating a koi pond for your garden is a very exciting project. You can create a beautiful habitat for stunning fish that can live for many years in your garden pond. A koi pond will also make a great conversation piece for your for guests.

The number one tip I could give is to do your research so that you have a full idea before you begin the project and start spending any money on it.